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My Dream Porsche 911

The Porsche 964 (911 built between 1989-94) is a car I've wanted to own personally for about 3 years. Sadly that is around the same time when they started to really increase in value. And when I say increase, I mean almost double. It will now cost you between $40-50k for a 964. Slightly less if its beat up or an automatic, and of course more if it has low miles or is tastefully upgraded. Like this car for example, her name is Ginger.

The color is Porsche Arrow Blue. That's the first thing everyone asks, because its gorgeous. This car is a complete build, with few parts that have been left untouched. But not only is the car modified, the aftermarket parts themselves have been upgraded in most cases. That's right, the mods have been modded.

Not only is this air cooled 911 riding on magnesium BBS E28 wheels, but they have been custom coated with something called Seren, that is typically used on firearms! This coating gives a wheelie cool titanium finish and has also been applied to the headlight rings, parts of the engine, interior roll bar, front x-brace, Rothsport shifter, etc, etc!!

Q: So why is the 964 so good? Why do I want one? Why does everyone else want one causing the values to skyrocket?

A: They are great drivers cars. Not that fast, but probably the most fun car to drive at sane speeds. You still drive it quickly, but you won't be going to jail if you get pulled over - like you would in Joe's 650HP Camaro ZL1.

I don't think this is a great track car though; you can build better for a lot less. This is a great canyon car, even a grand tourer with the suspension lightened up a bit. The steering is very mechanical. Heavy, but very communicative. The instant the front wheels start to loose grip, you feel it. You feel so many driving sensations with these old Porsches. This car only weighs 3000lbs, but its all behind the front door. A very fun to drive car with lots of grip in the rear end, and not that much up front.

The heart of this car is just about perfect. I think it could be louder, but I'm not happy until my wifes ears are bleeding, or she at least has a headache. Dyno'ing at 290HP to the rear wheels puts this car just about 100HP over the 240 crank HP that the stock car came with. That is a huge amount of power to be had by just increasing the displacement by .2 of a liter, adding cams and a tune. The Andial light weight flywheel makes the engine rev more freely, making it an ease to heel / toe shift.

These cars drive great, sound great, handle great, and are very reliable. The engines prefer to be driven regularly over sitting. The best way to prevent oil leaks is to drive it, and I love that. These cars punish you if you don't take them out regularly...just like a good woman, she keeps you in your place.

Watch the video review of this amazing car. Please like, comment and subscribe to the channel. Thank you!!


Build Details

Engine/Trans Rebuilt to 3.8 993 Sport Cams Andial Lightweight Flywheel Engine Refresh done by Sleeper Speed Shop

Exterior Custom Paint using Porsche Arrow Blue with a frosted Racing Stripe. The racing stripe goes from the front bumper, up the hood, over the roof, down the deck lid, and finishes down the rear bumper. FVD Cup Mirrors Cult Werks Front Splitter RS Center Section on the Rear Bumper Left Rear Valance cut out for dual exhaust Front bumper Air Scoops Front RS Tow Hitch Interior Recaro Pole Positions with rear of seats painted Arrow Blue Schroth 6 Point Harnesses Heigo Roll Cage Rennline Products -Pedals -Floor Boards -Track Mats -Cluster Rings -Air Bag Delete Steering Wheel: Porsche 930 S wheel/MOMO Prototipo Rothsports Quick Release Hub Rothsport SSK/Goldenrod/Shifter RS Door Cards RS Lightweight Carpet Rear Seat Delete

Suspension KW V3 Coilovers H&R Sways front and rear Rennline Camber Plates front Upper front strut bar (Forgot the make) Frunk X-Brace custom made by Sleepers Speed Shop using a Heigo X bar. Same one used for my Heigo Roll Cage Wheels and Tires BBS E28 18 x 8.5/10 Continental Tires Brakes Upgraded to Big Reds (993 Turbo up front and 993 Non-Turbo in the rear)

Photos by Steven Hicks Imagery

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