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650 HP 2017 Camaro ZL1 - Modern Muscle!

My good friend Joseph Tu brought his MK7 Golf R on the channel as my first Modified Car Review. Now, 4 cars later, he's brought out his brand new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1! Equipped with a six speed manual and the same 650HP supercharged engine from the current C7 Z06, this is a real drivers car and track beast!

You can buy a lot of cars for $65k. None of them have 650HP and 11 heat exchanges (intercoolers, radiators, oil cooler, trans cooler, etc), 6 piston front brakes and forged 20" wheels. I thought my TT-RS was a good value, but it is 290HP shy of what this great car comes with.

What about the interior you ask?

Very nice! Recaro's wrapped in leather and Alcantara, contrasted stitching, and a very high level of quality materials. It isn't quite Audi status, but it is certainly a very nice office to get to work in.

When you compare this car to the competition, it makes a lot of sense, and the new Camaro ZL1 looks like a bargain: the Mustang GT350 is a little cheaper, but has 125 less horsepower and 220 less Torque. The Challenger Helcat is also cheaper and has 57 more horsepower, but weighs a lot more and is only offered with an Automatic transmission. The Corvette Z06 is the closest in power and weight, but doesn't have as good of cooling and costs about $20k more. It also isn't has practical; the Camaro has a full size trunk, backseat, and can be used every day with ease.

Real Muscle cars are available for purchase at the dealerships. Its like a blast from the past, but this time they handle well too!! Checkout my full video review of this car now, and please subscribe for more wheelie cool videos!

Pictures by the one and only Steven Hicks Imagery

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