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The Coolest F80 M3 IN THE WORLD!

645 Horsepower at the rear wheels in a M3? Adding six inches to the width of the rear end and fitting huge 345mm tires sounds like a good idea. And it is!! This Widebody F80 M3 feels completely balanced and I only broke the rear tires loose once during the entire review!

The car was de-tuned to only 520 WHP at the time of testing due to 91 octane gas and greasy SoCal roads after a recent rainstorm. At that power level the car almost feels tame. The power and tune are so smooth, there is tons of grip, and the cars' handling is extremely predictable. The cage stiffens the chassis and the Status Gruppe coilovers ride great while controlling the cars weight a little better. I felt comfortable driving this car fast immediately, even on slick roads, which was very surprising to me. I was expecting to drive this car slow and extremely cautiously, but I didn't - Thanks Steve!

Another driving dynamic that I loved about this car was the manual transmission. 520 WHP with a manual sounds like a handful, literally - but it wasn't. This car was easier to shift than my old Audi TT-RS. The stock clutch, the pedal weight and engagement feel are great. Shifter throw is a tad long, but very crisp and direct. It feels mechanical, I love it. The manual F80's also weigh a couple hundred pounds less than the dual clutch cars - yet another reason to #savethemanuals

I loved driving this car. One of, if not THE COOLEST car I've had on the channel. This is a complete build show car, that the owner Steve drives on the street, track and takes to shows. Not a garage queen, and not Steve's only cool car either; expect to see him on the channel again. In addition to this M3, he owns a supercharged E46 convertible that looks amazing, and also has a couple amazing shop builds finishing up soon. HUGE THANKS to Steve for coming out and to Steven Hicks for working his magic behind the lens yet again. This car looks the part and can back it up. The best looking wide body F80 that I've seen, and it gets driven the way the car gods intended. Well done Steve, well done.

Mod List:

2MGT3 Widebody (contact for info) PureTurbos upgraded turbos Tuned by Bootmod3 650whp with E30 Fuel Status Gruppe Coilvers Aristo Collection Wheels Autopower Rollbar Recaro CS front seats Nitto Invo tires Carbon Parts by DinMann CF

APR Rear Wing and Front Lip Full BMW M performance Interior Turboback Exhaust by Meisterschft "GTHAUS" Intakes Chargepipes by RKTunes Cooling system by CSF Ceramic Pro by 5 point details

Wrap by Viral Vinyl

Watch the full review video of this Insane 645WHP Widebody BMW F80 M3!

Pictures by the one and only Steven Hicks

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