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Spending money on my VW CC

New tires for the CC!!! YAY!!! Most people don't get excited about tires, but I do! The latest video is an update on my 2014 VW CC R-Line discussing my latest mods and a quick canyon run in NorCal! My purple durple Corrado just sits around most of the time, so the CC has to be able to do everything. I need to choose my mods wisely though, so it remains comfortable while still being able to perform.

After selling my TT-RS a few months ago, I decided to spend some money on the CC and make it track ready. Those mods consisted of Porterfield R4S pads, higher temp brake fluid, Neuspeed swaybars, and the wheels/tires from my TT-RS: forged mono-block Fifteen52 Turbomacs. It's amazing how capable these cars are with just a few small tweaks. My CC ran flawlessly all day long at AAA Speedway in Fontana, even with 105+ degree temps.

After that trackday my 245/40/18 BFG Rival tires were completely worn. I decided I wanted to keep the Turbomac wheels on the car though, so I put my 20" HRE's up for sale. Around this same time my buddy Steven Hicks, the infamous photographer, just bought a set of gold Turbomac wheels for his Subaru STI, along with 255/40/18 Michelin PSS tires. One look at his fitment and I wanted it. Meaty tire setups are in right now, or at least we think so...we love it!

Anyone who knows VW's will tell you a 255 tire all around is big. I really wasn't sure if it was going to fit. Checkout the video below to see how it all turned out. Thanks for reading/watching,

Have a wheelie cool day!!


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