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First Blog Post & Porsche GT3 Convertible!!

Welcome to the Wheelie Cool Blog!!!! I am very excited to release the website ver 2.o, and this time with a proper blog! After all the cameras are off and put away, I have additional thoughts and perspectives about the cars I'm reviewing. This blog allows me to share that information, and release a preview of the latest content before I am able to finish the final video edit.

So lets talk about this Porsche!!! LNC's latest build....a 7 speed manual, Porsche Carrera S with a GT3 front bumper and other tasteful mods! Driving this car, you immediately realize why the sticker price was $113k. The car is smooth, plenty powerful and fun to drive with 400HP and 325 FT/LB of torque. At the same time, it also has a very high level of refinement that would make you want to drive it every single day. The manual transmission is an absolute pleasure, though I'm not sure I would ever use 7th gear. Even at freeway speeds, in 7th, the car has zero power. But that's ok, it sounds cool, 7 is better than 6 so I get it. I also had trouble shifting into 7th from 4th or 5th. To decrease the chance of mis-shifts, it seems the transmission really wants you to go from gear to gear.

H&R springs tighten up the suspension, and Vorsteiner wheels with Pirelli tires fill out the wheel wells. LNC even used spacers to dial things in even further and achieved a perfectly flush fitment, with zero rubbing of course; this isn't their first 991 Porsche build after all.

The engine sound/music while driving with the top down alone makes you want this car. Add in the amazing manual transmission, perfectly weighted clutch, direct steering, and you will be reaching for your wallet before the drive is over. Yes other cars have more power and are faster. But those cars aren't as comfortable or as nice to drive every days as this is. The modifications LNC has done to this Porsche Carrera S give you the OEM + look that only a true enthusiast will appreciate. The fit and finish will make most people think it came that way, and that's the sign of a great build. Well done LNC, well done!

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